Have you ever looked at someone, perhaps with envy (but not the green monster kind!) and thought,

“I wish I could be like them!” I will admit I have—many different times and for many different reasons. Most often I would look at someone who was creative. It seemed to come so easily; the way they could decorate, or pull colors together, or make something from nothing.

Then a few years ago something funny happened. People started calling ME creative! I would always brush it away and say something like, “It’s no big deal. Anyone can do it”. It wasn’t until I had my “aha” moment that I finally admitted that I was creative. Sure it came naturally, but that’s how gifts come. I now know that my creativity is a gift from God and I want to be a good steward of that gift.

The first step is recognizing that you do have a gift. You may have many gifts, but for now, just look at one. You need to own it. The first time you say to someone, “I have the gift of creativity” (or whatever your gift is), it is embarrassing and freeing at the same time. The more you say it aloud, the more you take ownership of your gift. And the more you own it, the more confident you will become.

Do you know how to find your gift? There are many ways, but let me just share a few with you. You will need to become a detective of yourself and closely notice things that you love to do. What might that be? Do you like to draw? Make things? Paint? Talk to people?

1. Take a sheet of paper and write down five or so things that bring you joy when you are working on them. You can even rate them in order if you choose.

2. Next, ask a few closest friends; those who really know you, what they think your gift is. Or, what makes you, you? I asked five people in my life that question, and to my surprise they ALL came back with the same answer! Write those answers on your paper.

3. Think about what you like to do in your free time. Do you doodle? Listen to music? Or Write? Jot those things down. You should be starting to see a pattern, or things that are overlapping.

4. As you continue about your days, keep those ideas you have in mind. Try to narrow down your desires. For instance, if you like to write, what exactly do you like to write? Is it poems, stories, articles, etc. Then try to narrow it down even more; i.e. I like to write short poems about animals with rhyming words. Try to take apart your gift and see what it is specifically that you like about it. Do you like the rhythm of the drums when you listen to music? Or is it the soothing feeling of glue all over your fingers?

As Marie Kondo says, “What sparks [your] joy?” Only you can truly answer that. We can just help point the way. Tell me in the comments what your gift is! I'd love to know!

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