What in the World is a Landing Page?

I've had several business friends ask me about landing pages - what are they, how do you use them, how do you make them, etc. So...I decided to put together some simple information and post it here. Let me know if you need help building your landing page!

WHO needs a landing page?

You can use a landing page for selling a specific item or letting your customer know something regarding your business. It is best to keep each landing page to one topic or one item.

WHAT is a landing page for?

A landing page is similar to a website; however, it is just one page. It is a place for your customer to “land” on. Your landing page can announce a sale or a change in your business or it can tell your customer about one item you have for sale.

WHERE do I set up a landing page?

My favorite is through Mailchimp.com, and it is free. They have templates and it is easy to customize your page to how you like it. On mailchimp.com, you are also able to connect your landing page to a point of sale, i.e. the square, etc.

If you are selling an item on your landing page, you will need a way to collect money. Mailchimp does not collect money for you, but you can use the point of sale of your choice. Mailchimp lists those that it connects with. Your point of sale is set up through that company’s website and connects to your bank account. When you sell an item, the POS collects the money, subtracts its commission, and deposits the remainder into your account.

In addition, mailchimp has an option to run “reports” where you can see your sales. Then, through your POS, you can collects names, addresses, emails, etc. But you will have to set that up beforehand with that system. It will easily integrate to mailchimp.

WHY do I want one?

Having a landing page is an easy way to promote a sale, let your customers know you wrote a book, highlight an item in your shop, or even to let people know of any changes in your business. Take a look at a couple I have set up:

Tiny.cc/Davidyoung tiny.cc/asweethaven

HOW will a landing page help me?

By focusing on just one thing, your landing page will call attention to that. You can also give directions on what to do next—contact me, buy it, go to …., share this, etc. Once your landing page is set up, it is an easy way for you to communicate your one thing to your audience.


1. You may want to shorten your URL to make it easier for your customer to remember it. One site I use (and like!) is tiny.cc.com. It is free! You can make a semi-custom url here, but tiny.cc is always at the beginning. Example is tiny.cc/asweethaven.

2. You will need to let your customers know the url address to your landing page.

Let me know if you give a landing page a try! I'd love to see what you create.

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