The Blog Post I've Been Dreading - Part One

Things We Keep Hidden or "Let me See Your Craft Room!"

I like to pretend that I have it all together and that I live an organized and scheduled life. The reality is I am like most people - winging it at times, putting off cleaning until the last minute, and spending oodles of time trying to find where I placed something. Can you relate? One of those things I like to keep somewhat "hidden" is what my craft room actually looks like on any given day. Heads up! It NEVER looks like a spread in a magazine! But I've been challenged by a friend to share that part of my life. So here it goes~

My idea of organizing is throwing an unfinished project into a basket. To me, baskets are cute; and while an unfinished project may look enticing, that idea changes when there are piles all over the place! I shop thrift stores and yard sales for baskets that call to me so that I always have one ready to pull off the shelf and put a project into. A bonus to that is it becomes much easier to cart it to another room for a change of view while I work.

One of my recent projects was making key fobs for a missionary in Uganda. I got tired of standing while ironing at my vintage ironing board I scored awhile ago, so I dragged my chair over to sit instead.

The bookshelves are a necessary ingredient for my craft room. I try to make it pretty, using cute boxes and unique storage. The bookshelf holds a lot of my craft supplies as well as trying to organize my brain and ideas into various notebooks.

"Creating is messy...and I'm very creative!"

Mind you, I do try to resemble somewhat of an order in this room and sometimes the many colors, materials and ideas swarm around in my head and I need to quiet the area. Hence, this makeshift "curtain" I put up. It's made from three shutters (?) that I purchase for a display for a craft faire, and draped it with some of my vintage linens. Those I can't seem to stop buying! I love the beauty of the pure white linens with the same pallet of embroidery, or the splash of color when someone in the past lovingly chose pinks, blues, and purples to create a threaded design. Just looking at them and touching these linens gives me a sense of peace.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" - Albert Einstein

I try to keep my sewing space clear, but oh what a temptation to pile on "stuff" that I can't find a place for! Currently I am making some stuffed heart pillows for my Etsy shop and My machine is propped on a vintage desk given to me by a friend - and I love it. Lots of drawers to keep my sewing supplies; and if the truth be known - some office supplies too!

I organize my books for sale on the old plate hanger (another find at an antique store - but this time while on vacation! I walked down the street hauling this shelf while my husband waited in the car with my in-laws. As I walked, I was thinking of what I could say to convince him that I was sure it would still fit in the already full trunk!) I love the slots for dishes - or books in my case! On top of the shelf is a beautiful box that my son-in-law made for me. It has sat in my dining room with potted plants, and on my coffee table with magazines, but presently it is here in my craft room holding vintage books that are ready to be made into journals. Lastly, the pretty chest of drawers is actually a file cabinet found here in Sequim. However, instead of files, for me it is just more storage. It holds scores of envelopes left over from my wedding invitation business and fragile items I have for sale in my Etsy shop.

"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul". - Dieter F. Uchtborf

You can probably tell that storage is the most wanted item in my craft room! I strive to have "cute" storage instead of run-of-the-mill. One of these days I hope to have a cute painted hutch to display my supplies and things that inspire me.

In the meantime, I will continue to craft where I am and with what I already have. I want my craft room to be mine. To be a reflection of me. To hold precious things that I love and cause me to want to create.

How about you? Where is your special place you can call your own?

Part Two - Let Me See Your Craft Room post coming soon!

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