My Peaceful Place Giveaway - Here's How to Join!

Photo by Richard Main

Do you ever wish there was a place you could go where you would not be interrupted by kids, your phone, or even the laundry calling you? My favorite place is by the ocean. I love to hear the sound of the waves. It is a comforting and peaceful sound to me. I am mezmerized by watching the waves appear from nowhere, roll into action, and splash themselves upon the beach. I am at peace . I can think. I can regroup and make a plan of action. It's my ultimate escape.

Your peaceful place may also be by the ocean or it may be somewhere completely different. When I'm not able to get to the beach and am in the city, I head to my local Starbuck's. There I have my favorite iced chai tea and relax. I hear the voice in my head loud and clear over the background of music and conversation. It's white noise to me and I love it. Two very different destinations but both call me to be quiet, to listen, and to plan.

Do you have a place like that? If you do not, I encourage you to find one. You may have to seek out and try many different places, but do find one that speaks your language and lets you be alone.

We as women have many calls and responsibilites on our daily lives. If you cannot get away to your resting place, I have an option for you. I'ts called My Peaceful Place. It was created with you in mind. It contains beautiful artwork (not mine) for you to color with your favorite pens or pencils, slowing your thoughts as you add color to the black and white designs. There is also some sage advice to remember when dealing with people (especially a spouse); and fun ideas for couples. You will enjoy this book and your kids may be exactly like my cute little niece who enjoys the coloring part!

It's available now on

So grab your favorite art medium, turn on some blissful music, and sit down to actively relax!

**Let me know if you purchase a copy and I will enter you in an gift card giveaway! You will want to do this before April 1st.

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