Learn How to Celebrate the Little Things

Do you have a project that you need to do that is hanging over your head? Try as you might you just cannot find the gumption to finish it? At the same time you are anxious for the day that you can say, "I did it!"?

You are not alone. At one time or another, all of us have those "have to's" that become our "don't want to's"!

I was talking with a friend the other day about a project she wanted to finish. The deadline was way overdue but she couldn't gather enough motivation to conquer it. It was a huge project with many hours needed to finish. Looking at it just was overwhelming!

When you feel overwhelmed, it makes getting to the project even harder. So here's what we did. We broke her huge project into smaller steps and figured out how she could squeeze the first step into her busy schedule. The very next day, she has already started to accomplish her first step. She made me very proud of her!

Sometimes all we need is a pep talk; or someone to understand what we have to go through to start and finish a big task. Ever heard the answer to "How do you eat an elephant?" - "One bite at a time". And that applies to everything on your to do list - big or small.

I want to challenge you to celebrate the small things. Those activities you choose to do to bring you that much closer to finishing what you started. It makes all the difference in the world!

Still want help figuring out how? Here's some steps to take:

1. Pray.

Always good to start with this! Make sure you are on the right track and your task or project is really meant for you to do and to do at this time. Ask the Lord to show you how and when.

2. Break your finished product

into smaller "bite-sized" chunks. Make them measurable so that you know when you can celebrate.

3. If it helps you, write down your steps

and cross off each step as you complete it. This task alone can do wonders for your motivation too!

4. Mark how long you think each step will take you.

If it turns out one step is too much to accomplish at a time, make that step into smaller steps. Some days if we can even write a "to do" list, we have done far more than we thought was possible.

5. When one step is finished, take the time to celebrate.

Pat yourself on the back! Eat some chocolate! But more importantly, remind yourself that you did it and you CAN do it! Be kind to yourself.

Be sure to enjoy the process. They say the joy is in the journey, not the destination. Be open to learning new things or finding pleasant surprises as you work on your huge task/project. You may even want to write those things down to remember for next time you are tackling something big.

I do know YOU CAN DO IT!

Care to share? What has your big task/project been? Are you working towards the goal?

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