I got a new journal! Now What?

I love buying or receiving a new journal. I carefully pick out the color, design, and pages inside. I dream about what I am going to use that particular journal for. And, yes, I have several. Each journal has it's specific purpose. But what if you got a new journal, happy to write or draw inside but are stuck for new ideas of exactly how to use it. You are in luck! I've complied a list of 44 ideas you can use your new journal for. Ready? Here it goes~

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” – William Wordsworth.


  1. Gratitude journal

  2. Planner

  3. Book of Lists

  4. Music journal

  5. Sketchbook

  6. Doodles

  7. Goal Tracker

  8. Affirmation

  9. Prayer Journal

  10. To Do List

  11. Bucket List

  12. Sticker collection

  13. Garden journal

  14. Address book

  15. Fashion journal

  16. Therapy journal

  17. Creative writing

  18. Lettering practice

  19. Self care

  20. Things to do

  21. Writing prompts

  22. Poetry

  23. Hobby journal

  24. Daily events

  25. Time tracker

  26. Health log

  27. Food journal

  28. Memory book

  29. Love notes

  30. Exercise journal

  31. Favorite things

  32. Scrapbook

  33. Nature journal

  34. Spiritual journal

  35. Junk journal

  36. Travel journal

  37. Secrets

  38. Recipes

  39. Inspirational quotes

  40. Funny moments

  41. Dreams

  42. Project notebook

  43. Creativity

  44. Ideas

Personally I have journals for things to make, ideas for my

business, passwords, websites, gratitude, daily

events/feelings, recipes and more. Journals always make a great gift for someone, especially if you give them ideas of how to use it. Those ideas are actually endless!

“A journal is your completely unaltered voice.”— Lucy Dacus

How about you? Care to share?

How do you use your journal? What would you add to my list?

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