Hospitality in Reverse

I’ve only stayed at an Airbnb one time. By myself. I found the house okay, but it was dark and there was no porch light. I fumbled with the door code to enter as I felt uncomfortable in my dark surroundings. Once inside, I walked the house. I noted the community areas as well as the numbered doors indicating the guest rooms. I found mine and tried to relax. Soon I heard noises from other guests. It truly did feel like I was in someone else’s house and didn’t know them. An odd feeling. I wanted to feel welcome but instead I felt like just another anonymous renter.

What's an Owner to do? The answer is to think like a host.

First of all, a light by the door is essential! To save on electricity, a motion light would have worked well.

A note in my room would have been terrific! The note would welcome me and tell me where I could find something I may have needed or forgotten (extra blanket, toothpaste, water bottle?}

Fresh flowers would have been a nice sight along with a nice smelling air freshener.

Ooh! Can you imagine a chocolate on my pillow?

Perhaps a map of nearby shops, gas stations, or restaurants?

A list of ideas of things to do in the area or even some history about where I was staying would have been thoughtful.

Even a check in call or text from the owner would have made me feel like a welcomed guest.

It’s not hard or expensive to add those extra details and it may make or break a return guest.

Airbnb’s are booking up fast in the Ukraine. I picture a beautiful room decorated in the style that reflects the culture with lots of pretty colors. However, due to the current situation in that country, most people are booking, sending the money, and have no plans to travel to the Ukraine to take advantage of their rented Airbnb. They are showing hospitality in reverse! I love that! It’s like paying ahead in kindness.

What detail can you add to your list of getting ready for your guest? Pick one that truly matters to you and your guest!

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