Books, books, and more books!

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I have books I've read and want to pass on sitting on a child's oak chair in my bedroom. I have books I'm currently reading on my nightstand. Books that I want to read on listed in my journal or saved on my ipad.

In addition, I have journals I've made out of vintage books displayed on a tray ready for the vintage market this month. High on a shelf in the guest room are all my filled journals from younger days. I love books. Everytime I get a new book, I read the front and back of the jacket, and both inside flaps, taking notice of the author's picture and details of his/her family. Next I read the dedication and then on to the preface or introduction and the thank you page. Sometimes I even sneak to the back before I read page one and see if there is any additonal information or bonus material. THEN and only then do I begin reading my book!

You too will have probably have read close in an entire library in your lifetime. However, once in a while a really GREAT book comes across the pages you read. Such is the book I am beginning. I am not far into the book, but already have an action item I have started. Have you read, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp? She is a beautful artist with her words and I love how vulnerable she is with her thoughts and stuggles. After enduring a family tragedy at a young age, she begins to find healing as an adult being thankful for the blessings God has given her. Someone challenged her to write one thousand of them. She calls her blessings gifts and feels when one writes it down, it serves as an act of receiving that gift from God. I love that!

I immediately dug out a gratitude journal I had purchased last year but had never used. I bought it because of the pink cover and the long and skinny shape. It's just perfect for list making! Ive begun my list of blessings/gifts, but haven't even filled a page yet. I'm not quite sure that I will get to one thousand as I am sure Ann Voskamp will accomplish (hence, the name of her book!), but I will keep adding to my list one day at a time.

Here is something I have already learned....Once I am through the "big" gifts - family, house, church, etc., I begin to notice the very little things that go unnoticed. Things I like but take for granted, not realizing that these too are gifts from God. Strawberries for dinner, windchimes on the patio, the chickens clucking after laying an egg.... It's amazing how I am more open to discovering those things and actually seeing them as if for the first time.

I'd love to hear from you. Do you keep a gratitude journal of some kind? Any lessons you have learned from doing so? OR, are you thinking about starting a gift list of thanks?

I highly reccommend you reading Ann Voskamp's book. I am excited that I have only started. That means there is a lot more to come amongst the pages of her book!

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