It all started with Mollie. We adopted this cute labradoodle into our family in November 2019. She was as a typical puppy - rambunctious, happy, and made chewing her pastime. Lots of scolding, replacing, hiding, and training later, for the most part she leaves our things alone and sticks to her chew toys. (We had to take out the noise boxes because she loves them so much it was annoying to hear ALL the time!!! Our ears needed rest.) HOWEVER, her most favorite "toy" of all is our shoes! Go figure. I imagine they are full of smells, which Mollie loves so much. Her nose twitches when she picks up a pleasing scent.

I now make sure that my shoes go directly into the closet when I take them off and immediately shut the door behind me. Only one pair of my shoes has been ruined, and that was when my shoes were by my bed at naptime. My hubby has been most unlucky and just today threw away one more pair of his shoes. Mollie seems to like his best!

My shoes were not organized, but rather tossed quickly on the floor of my closet. To pick out my shoes each day, I would have to rummage through the pile every morning when I got dressed. Then, when I was browsing Amazon one day, I found the perfect inexpensive shoe rack! I don't know why I hadn't thought of that before. I quickly bought two (if it was good for me, surely it was good for hubby's closet too!)

Seriously, it WAS like true love. My shoes were not only organized, but pairs were matched, and I could see ALL of them at a glance. Of course, I had to toss many old and unworn shoes to accomplish this, but it worked. My hubby did the same to his closet, and our throw away shoe pile was growing. I stood back and gazed at my work and felt happy.

This led me to my craft room; a perpetual cleaning and organizing project. One that I do NOT love to do. I keep my ribbon in two file cabinet drawers. They have been just tossed in and again, I have to rummage through the pile to get to the ribbon I want to use. Embarrassing? Yes. So...I took all my rolls and scraps of ribbon out and organized them before I put them back. By color and by size. AND I discovered that the long vintage baking pans I had were the PERFECT containers to hold those spools of ribbon. It's amazing what a little innovation will do!

Next stop was attacking my cute library card cabinet that was handed down to me by my mom. For the most part, each drawer is labeled, but inside the drawers is not a pretty sight. I lined up my washi tape rolls and that too made me happy.

I'll admit that I have stopped organizing here, but I think it was all in all a fairly big accomplishment for one day! I have an unwritten list in my head for what is next. Perhaps I will attempt to clear the long table that sits in the middle of my craft room that collects stacks of treasures like magic. Or maybe my next project will be clearing the guest room bed of vintage linens waiting to be ironed. Time will tell, but I just wanted to share that I have found that adopting a dog is way more than just getting a family pet. Be prepared for all the joy and accomplishment she may bring to your life! - and organization too!

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