All in? Or Toes Touching the Line?

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Living a relationship with Jesus is not just on SundaysA few times in the past month, people professing to be a Christian and having a relationship with Jesus have confused me. They have been so adamant about one issue and so blind on another.

We are not perfect!

"I had to account for that lie to God, and it was something that I didn't want to do!"

Now I know that nobody is perfect - especially me! I just want to create awareness as to how we live our lives and how others see us.

Taxes and My Wallet

I was texting the potential buyer of our car, perfecting the agreed on price. The buyer texted back that they wanted a us to write a much lower price on the pink slip for the DMV. The purpose was to save on taxes. I texted back that I couldn't lie on the car form. The buyer texted back the rational for doing so - I've already paid my taxes on the car - and the "DMV doesn't care". After a long pause of praying and thinking, and knowing that I might lose this buyer, I texted that I don't do business that way. Even if the DMV was okay with the lie, I had to account for that lie to God, and it was something that I didn't want to do. The buyer texted back and said, "I'm a Christian too!". The buyer's spouse was high up at a nearby faith-based college. The buyer's counteroffer was paying less for the car and writing the agreed price on the form; or we could give it to them for free and they would donate the sale amount to a charity of our choice. Hmmm. Sounds funny. Yes?

Real Life

Then Jesus said to them, "Give back to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." Mark 12:17

Eventually we had a price we both agreed on, AND we agreed on writing the sale price correctly on the pink slip. When the buyer came, we talked about which church we attended as we were looking at the car. When it was time for money to exchange hands, the buyer gave a last ditch effort to ask us to lie about the price on the form. We said no.

Moving? Do it on the low down!

Another faithful person whispered to me that she was moving to another state. She was tired of the liberal laws in our state and the last bill put into law disgusted her and was the last straw. She decided it was time to move elsewhere. However, she had to keep her move quiet so that the government wouldn't catch wind of it and lower her state aid. She said most of that in the same sentence and didn't even catch the imbalance. That makes me sad.

Are you in or Are you out?

All of us make mistakes and rationalize things we shouldn't. but when you attach with it that you have a relationship with Jesus, the stakes for those errors just went up in another's perception. We ALL have to walk the way we talk. ALL THE TIME. But it is a choice we make. Everyday. Be ALL in. That's where the joy is. If you have to cross the line, or even put your tippy toes up to the line, it mars the joy that you could have had big time. Life is not easy all the time. And some of those hard decisions will result in lost sales, broken relationships, or tension with family. I know that. But more than the fear I have of what others think is the desire to hear Jesus say to me, "Well done, good and faithful servant".

How about you? Care to Share?

When are you tempted to cross the line? What makes you NOT ross the line?

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