A Surprising Inspiration

Deep in the heart of Washington State lives a small town called Waterville. Just short of a population of 1,500 people, it is an historic and quaint town.

Recently I found myself walking down main street while pushing my cute granddaughter in her stroller. Folks here are very friendly and either greet you or stop for a short conversation. So different from the bigger city I was raised in! Most people know each other, so a stranger really sticks out. Perhaps that is why I was greeted so often. Residents wanting to make visitors feel welcome.

I happened upon a fairly new establishment fashioned in one of the historic buildings. I peered inside the windows and was struck at how clean and welcoming this place was. A place that some people visit often, and others not at all due to a convenience they have in their home. What was this business? A Laundromat and Dog Wash! Of all the places to inspire me, this was a surprise to me. Never before has such an establishment caught my whole attention where I wanted to know more.

."Learn to put your troubles in your pocket, then leave them there when you do your laundry."

-John Avery.

Inside this particular laundromat are brand new looking machines to make your dirty clothes sparkle. Waterville is a community that has many farmers, so I am sure this was THE place to go to wash your dusty clothes after a day of work. One side was the washing machines for humans and then divided by a half wall was the dog washing area. Such a great service!!

But what caught my attention the most was the cleanliness. Floors looked polished. Plants attractively placed on window sills and ledges. Then I noticed the round tables and chairs. It made me want to spend some time here!

If Waterville was my permanent home, you may just find me seated at one of those tables reading my book and drinking my chai tea. This laundromat was beautiful! And cozy. Forget washing my clothes at home! I wanted to come here to put my clothes in the washer just to have an excuse to linger...

Perhaps next time I will!

4 Business Lessons I learned from visiting Waterville Laundry:

  1. Have an attractive outside appearance. Curb Appeal is what Realtors call it. Make your customers want to walk in your door.

  2. Make sure you have a clear, readable sign. In my opinion, "cute" is even better! But let your customers know what you do. Don't make them ask.

3. Create an atmosphere that welcomes your customers and perhaps makes them want to spend a little time with you.

4. Maintain a neat, clean, tidy, and well-maintained inside and out of your place of business.

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