7 Easy Valentines Day Decorations

Cupid's Day is almost here - the day of chocolate! Still struggling to find some easy yet cute ideas to decorate your home? I got 'em for you!

When Valentine's Day rolls around, sometimes all I can think of is red hearts, and it's there my creativity ends. This weekend I visited my daughter and her family in Oregon and was delighted to see her touches of celebration. I'd like to share with you what I found...

Red hearts! But in doilies. Just lovely! My daughter hung a piece of twine above her homeschool chalkboard. Then she clipped small clothespins on the twine and slid a red doily heart underneath. It looks so festive! She has it positioned so that it is one of the first things you see as you walk into her house.

Very easy to make, but makes a bold statement. The doilies, twine, and clothespins can be found at most craft stores (or those with a craft section). You could even mix the red doilies with pink and white for a different feel.

My daughter had a few valentines day decorations in her living room. One was a felt garland that she purchased, but I know this would be an easy thing to make too. You will need to purchase pink, red and white felt. Cut out and sew three hearts from the red felt. You can do them all the same size, or a big one in the middle with two small hearts on the sides. Next, cut the pink and white (cream would be nice too) into small strips and tie them close together on a length of twine. You can make the design how you want (red, red white, or white, red, white, etc.) When the twine is full, you can hand it on the wall, or drape it over a piece of furniture, which is what my daughter did.

Two more garlands and then on to different types of decor...

This one might be my favorite, although it is hard to choose. Over the bathroom mirror, my daughter hung a garland she made.

She took strips of red fabric, in varying designs, and tore them into strips. You might be able to find some remnant pieces at the fabric store so you're not spending a fortune on fabric. She had some cute scrapbook paper that said "I love you" on it as well as red construction paper, and used her hand punch to make a few hearts. Again, with twine, she tied on the strips of fabric and put in the paper hearts intermittently. So charming!

Across the fireplace, she strung envelopes with "love notes" in them. My daughter also purchased this, but again, it would be easy to make. She has white envelopes,

but you could also use red ones, or make your own envelopes from scrapbook paper. Punch a hole on either side of the envelope and string on the twine. Add a piece of paper to each envelope with "love notes" printed on them; either by your computer or handwritten. You can decorate the inside of the envelopes with liners if you wanted. Put a red heart sticker in the corner, or any other design you want. An option would be to have your family write a messsage to each other on the love note papers for them to read on valentines day.

How cute is this canvas painting? So simple, yet packs a punch in the decor arena. You can purchase blank canvases at a craft store. Draw a heart in the middle and then paint red around your heart, leaving it the color of the canvas. A variation is to paint the red background a variety of pink and red and white, or make stripes with those colors. (Use masking tape to mark your lines).

In a corner of my daughter's kitchen, she had strung some balloons that she had filled with confetti! She found clear, not white, balloons that made the confettie show up very nice. She said she stretched the balloon at the top and pushed in the heart confetti. Along with the confetti filled balloons, she aso had red and pink. It looked so festive and so fun! Made every day a party leading up to valentines day!

The next one we made together a few years ago. She purchased a small pan in a cute shape. We painted black paint in the middle and took a white paint pen to write "love" in the middle, and of course, added a heart! You can also hang this with twine, or set it on a shelf.

There are SO many ways to celebrate a holiday in the way you decorate! I hope these have inspired you to start making your own. Please share with us what you make!

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